Steam & Enzyme Coil Cleaning

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Steam & Enzyme Coil Cleaning

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Steam & Enzyme Coil Cleaning

On average, the FM&S Group chemical-free steam cleaning process will increase the CFM’s on your air handler units by an average of 20% and the delta T average of 18%. Supply water temperatures go down on chilled water applications, and you’ll see more airflow and air exchanges in critical care environments. This process will also cut down on comfort calls for your facility. These numbers are all proven by analysis taken before and after our process on every unit along with reported results from our clients. You’ll be amazed at the dramatic effect on your energy usage.


Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Chilled Water Systems

● Increased airflow through handler units.

● Increased efficiency & capacity at the chiller plant

● Improved heat transfer

● Improved indoor air quality

● No chemical waste

DX & Package Units

● Increased efficiency & capacity

● Improved compressor & condenser fan operation

● Improved heat transfer

● A lower number of compressor & condenser fan motor change-outs

Air Cooled Chillers

● Lower head pressures for air compressors

● Improved airflow through Colis

● Improved efficiency & capacity

● Improved indoor air quality




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