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Duct Cleaning

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Duct Cleaning 

HVAC units are designed for cycling air throughout your facilities while maintaining a steady, ever temperature. Air containing germs, Biofilm, and other pollutants are drawn through a central unit and then recycled back into the building environment. If not properly filtered, the air will return these germs into the environment occupied by your patients and staff. Traditional methods of cleaning coils only allow for the 1st inch of the coil to be cleaned. What about a coil that is 14 inches deep? Over a short amount of time, microbial and bacterial growth begins to grow deep into a coil, thus reducing the unit’s efficiency.


FM&G’s chemical-free steam process has several proven benefits. We have a before and after TAB analysis done on every unit that we clean, providing proof of all claims of an immediate increase in efficiency of your HVAC units leading to lower energy cost. Facility Maintenance’s chemical-free process will not corrode the coils like traditional chemical-laden cleaning methods. Our medium pressure, high-temperature steam process greatly reduces failure of compressors, condenser fan motors, greatly increases airflow, increase air changes, lower humidity, lower pressure drops across coils and increases water temperature drops across coils, extends the life of your HVAC units & produce a quick ROI (2-8 months).




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